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About the Band

Sekond Nature's intense energy and musicianship will win over any crowd at any venue. The band is one of South Florida’s most entertaining and exciting cover bands on today’s scene. With a fresh and unique list of over two hundred songs, covering every genre and style of music, a Sekond Nature show is one big party that everyone is invited to! With over 10 years’ experience touring, recording, and playing gigs from Vermont to Miami, Sekond Nature has entertained audiences on stages big and small. Always creating a personalized repertoire for each show, the band leaves every crowd hungry for more!

“This is the best line up we’ve ever had, and we’re in it for the long haul," says front man Juan Nealon. As a piano player and guitarist since age ten, Juan brings musical depth to the sound of Sekond Nature. Juan displays an incredible vocal range while covering material from Led Zepplin, to U2, to Bob Marley and beyond, and combines it with a persona that was born for the stage.

Finally, after years of looking for the right bassist and drummer, along came James Meselsohn from New York, and Geoff Schiffrin from Denver, Colorado.   James has previous experience with two bands with major record deals, and wrote and played on a hit single which went gold on MTV's “Return of the Rock” cd. Geoff has been playing drums/percussions for over 30 years with multiple albums and tours to his credit.  Together, James and Geoff clicked instantly in creating the core of what every band needs- a solid and tight rhythm section. Lastly came Greg Buscagli on guitar and vocals. Originally from New York, he studied music at the prestigious New School in New York city, as well as NYU.  While at the New School he recorded and toured with the Trucking Company, a band that included future members of Blues Traveler and Spin Doctors.  He has been performing and teaching in South Florida for the past 8 years.

Together, these four have the experience, talent and know-how to rock any club, party, or special event. Look for Sekond Nature to be part of your entertainment plans!

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